Hazard Communications and GHS Cal/OSHA Online Training

Hazard Communications and GHS Cal/OSHA Online Training
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This program provides you with information on Cal/OSHA Hazard Communication and the Globally Harmonized System.

Hazard Communication

The Hazard Communication training is a federal program that provides information to workers and employers about various chemical hazards that exist in the workplace, and what protective measures they can take in order to prevent the adverse effects of such hazards. This course gives you a basic understanding of how to deal with hazardous chemicals and how workers can prevent and protect themselves from fatal chemical hazards.

Globally Harmonized System

This seminar will cover the new Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard in the Federal Register which was published on March 26, 2012. Through this action, OSHA has aligned the HazCom standard with the United Nations' Globally  Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The seminar will provide information on the major changes to the standard including:


  • Background on GHS, and how the GHS program will apply
  • Hazard Communication – Some of the factors that influenced the development of the GHS communication tools
  • Hazard Classification - Hazard definitions have been changed to provide specific criteria for classification of health and physical hazards as well as classification of mixtures.
  • Labels - Chemical manufacturers and importers will be required to provide a label that includes GHS-harmonized elements, such as a signal word, pictogram(s), and hazard statement(s) for each hazard class and category.
  • Precautionary statements must also be provided
  • Safety Data Sheet - The safety data sheet (SDS), formerly referred to as the material safety data sheet (MSDS), will have a specified 16-section format.