Qualified SWPPP Practitioner & Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSP/QSD) Course

Location: Virtual
Class Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Price: $475.00

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The Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) Training Course is a 3-day course which includes the 2-day Qualfied SWPPP Practitioner course. In order to become a QSD, please refer to CASQA's requirement of credentials and prerequisites located here:


The 3-day Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) reviews requirements of the California Construction General Permit including:

  1. QSP/QSD Permit Information
  2. Exam Review
  3. Stormwater Plan (SWPPP) Management
  4. Inspections and Reports
  5. Stormwater Sampling
  6. BMPs, Utilizing BMPs and erosion/sediment controls
  7. Roles and responsibilities of the QSP for maintaining project compliance
  8. Stormwater Plan (SWPPP) Development
  9. Risk Assessment / Bio Assessment
  10. Post-construction Standards
  11. Waivers of Permit: Erosivity
  12. Permit Registration Documents including: Notice of Intent (NOI), Change of Information and Notice of Termination

With critical changes in requirements under the new CA General Permit, you’ll need to trust your Stormwater Management Team. Global Environmental Network, Inc., is a leader in providing Environmental Health & Safety Consulting and Training for over 18 years. As a benchmark in our industry, our SWPPP Training Program was the first approved Training Program by CalTrans and AGC of CA. Our reputable staff are experts in their field and are ready to assist you with consulting, training, or SWPPP revisions to assure compliance.