Air Quality Permitting and Compliance


GENI’s goal is to support our customers with the complex array of air quality rules and regulations issued by the local, state, and federal agencies. From basic permits to complex agency negotiations, from small companies to the largest of California’s organizations, we have helped to solve our clients’ air quality issues in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Our Services include:

Permitting– NSR, PSD, and Title V

  • BACT, Modeling, Offsets
  • New, Modified, and Relocated Sources
  • Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) (Registration)


  • CARB AB 32 Green House Gas Reports
  • EPA Green House Gas Reports
  • Reporting Databases
  • RECLAIM – Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual
  • Title V – Semi-Annual, Annual Certifications
  • Annual Emission Fee Reports
  • AB2588 – Air Toxics Hot Spots – Plans, Reports, and HRAs
  • Comprehensive Emission Inventory Plans and Reports
  • Rule specific reports (e.g., Refrigerant Emissions, etc.)

Auditing / Compliance Assessments

  • Corporate/Management Due Diligence
  • Title V Certifications
  • Management Planning
  • Mitigation Planning

Mobile Sources

  • Port related studies and support
  • EMFAC and OFFROAD modeling
  • EIR emission quantification and mitigation strategies
  • Regulatory assistance and planning
  • Carl Moyer/Government funding proposal assistance

Emission Inventories

  • Toxics – Air Toxics Hot Spots, NESHAPS
  • Criteria Pollutants – Annual Emissions, Title V Applicability, RECLAIM Applicability
  • Green House Gas Inventories and Planning

Health Risk Assessments

  • Permitting/Public Notice
  • Toxics Hot Spots
  • Modeling – ISCST, SCREEN 3, HARP

Emission Quantification and Dispersion Modeling

  • CEQA/NEPA Air Quality Studies
  • Risk Management Planning (Title III)
  • Impact Analysis
  • Ambient Air Monitoring

On-Site Facility Compliance Management Assistance

  • Compliance Assessments
  • Rule Applicability/Compliance Determination
  • Compliance Planning and Implementation
  • Compliance System Development and


  • Permit Clean-up - Revisions and Corrections
  • Agency Negotiations
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly on-site assistance as needed Staff Training
  • Trading Program (e.g., RECLAIM) Management

Data Management Systems Design and Implementation

  • Recordkeeping/Software Systems
  • Compliance/Software Tracking Systems