Health and Safety Plans for Lead


Lead overexposure is one of the most common overexposures found in industry and is a leading cause of workplace illness. Lead hazards are addressed in specific standards for general industry, shipyard employment and the construction industry.

The Health and Safety Plan you will receive is extensive and highly detailed. A thorough, professional analysis of the data by our Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) will give you a firm understanding of the work conditions and plan of action you will take in order to protect your employees and subcontractors from hazards related to the contracted work.

Items covered in the Health and Safety Plan include:

  • Initial Exposure Assessment based on SI Reports, specs, and other pertinent document including historical information of the site
  • Objective Data Relating to Potential Exposure
  • Initial, Standard, and Stop work conditions
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • Training & Medical Recording
  • Map, location, and contact information of nearby hospitals
  • Cal/OSHA Regulation

Armed with the professional information we provide, you can protect your workforce with confidence!