Phase II Environmental Site Assessments



Phase II Environmental Assessments typically involves the testing of soil and groundwater on the property. Some of the most common reasons a Phase II may need to be conducted include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The property is currently used or was formerly used by a dry cleaner that conducted dry cleaning on the premises.
  • The property has underground fuel storage tanks and no soil or groundwater testing has ever been conducted to determine if the tanks have leaked.
  • The site has a long history of commercial or industrial use and the current or former owners or operators used hazardous substances. Examples include many industrial manufacturers and sites engaged in automotive repair.
  • The site has imported fill material, the fill is relatively deep (not all visible at surface), and comes from an unknown source.

Sampling of soil and groundwater is conducted by our experts. The soil and groundwater samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. At the end of this period, our team will provide a report on our findings. The report will typically include a scaled site plan showing the sampling locations, the certified laboratory reports, and a comparison of the test results to regulatory standards.