Construction Site Management - BMPs


Construction Site Management (CSM) is a Standard Special Provision (SSP) that appears in Caltrans contracts. It requires controlling potential sources of water pollution that may come in contact with stormwater flows, storm drain systems or watercourses. Construction Site Management is defined as the “proper management of construction activities to preserve living and non-living elements of the ecological, environmental, aesthetic, and social landscape.”

The Contractor’s Role
The Contractor is responsible for controlling material pollution and for managing wastes and non-storm water (water created by contractor activities) during construction by implementing effective storage, handling, use, and disposal practices. The Contractor is also responsible for training all employees and subcontractors regarding: A. Materials pollution prevention and control; B. Waste management; C. Non-stormwater management; D. Identifying and handling hazardous substances; and E. Potential dangers to humans and the environment from spills and leaks or exposure to toxic or hazardous substances.