Soil Sampling



In the planning and execution of construction operations, it is vital to know as much information of engineering significance as possible about the subsurface conditions in the construction area. That information includes not only the location, extent, and condition of the soil layers but also the elevation of the groundwater table and bedrock; the drainage characteristics of the surface and subsurface soils; and the location of possible borrow areas from which soil and other mineral-product materials may be “borrowed” for a construction operation. Soil surveys are conducted to gather (explore) this information.

Global Environmental Network, Inc. provides soil sampling including, but not limited to the following techniques:

  • Surface Samples
  • Existing Excavation Samples
  • Test Pits and Test Holes

Our soil samples may include the following services:

  • Gathering soil samples
  • Soil testing by either laboratory or field procedures, or both
  • Soil classification
  • Development of soil profiles