Chlorine Incident Emergency Response

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8 hours


Emergency Kit A / Emergency Kit B
(An 8 Hour Training Course with Hands-on Training)

The purpose of this training program is to minimize the risk of injury arising from the potential leakage of chlorine during an emergency. This training course is designed to provide the latest information for those who respond to emergencies involving chlorine containers.


  • Safety Procedures
  • General Properties of Chlorine
  • Toxicity of Chlorine (Health Effects)
  • First Aid
  • Packaging / Bulk Distribution of Chlorine
  • Proper Levels of Personal Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment Dress out
  • Level A, Level B, SCBA
  • Emergency Kit Application
    -Emergency Kit A, Emergency Kit B
  • Decontamination

Other Information

Each attendee will be required to bring the following items to the training site:

  • Standard Personal Protective Equipment
  • Level A Suit (recommended) or Level B Suit
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Air bottle must be full)
  • Emergency Kit A and/or Emergency Kit B


  • 24 Hour Emergency Response Operational and/or
  • 40 Hour Emergency Response Technician per CFR 29 §1910.120 (q)] and/or CCR Title 8 §5192 (q)
  • SCBA Respirator Training and Fit Test per CFR 29 §1910.134 and/or CCR Title 8 §5144
  • *Proof of training is required