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16+ Hours


Module I: Valve Operation
Classroom (4 hours): Cab operating valve modulation, pump pressure controls, operator controls, proper operating speed. Underground Service Air (USA) will be covered in class along with legislation passed regarding USA requirements.

Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Valve operation, set-up work speed, control modulation.


Module II: Trench Digging

Classroom (4 hours): Instruction in the proper use of a bucket, including proper trenching techniques.

Field Training (12 hours):Hands-on training: Trenching techniques, pipeline work, digging around services, keeping walls straight.


Module III: Grading

Classroom (4 hours):Instruction in proper road grading techniques and grade checking.

Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Proper grading technique in pipeline, sloping, channel work, hillside sloping.


Module IV: Cab Operation

Classroom (4 hours): Proper cab operation, working with horns, setting grades, maintenance of gradall.

Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Operation ad maintenance of a gradall, working with an operator, setting grade for the operator, reading grade stakes, following operator instructions.


Module V: Oiler Training

Classroom (4 hours): Working with operator hand signals and making sure the operator is keeping grade.

Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Oiling the gradall, grade checking, reading stakes, replacing hubs and stakes, responding to horn signals.