Traffic Control Coning & Flagging

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2-16 hours


This course provides training for persons who will be using traffic control measures on public roads for direction through construction and maintenance work sites. This training is appropriate for those in the field as well as for managers who must support them.

Course may combine lecture, discussion, audio-visual presentations and hands-on problem-solving workshops to present factors to consider in planning work site traffic control; installation and removal procedures; evaluation and modification of traffic control zones; and legal standards. (4, 8, or 16 hours)

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  • Overview of workshop and goals
  • The purpose and objectives of temporary traffic control
  • Work Zone accident statistics
  • Reference manuals
  • Traffic Control Basics
  • Devices used in Temporary Traffic Control
  • Signs
  • Channelizing devices
  • Temporary barriers
  • Pavement markings
  • Lighting devices
  • Other devices
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Elements of the Traffic Control Zone
  • Advance Warning Area
  • Different types of advance warning areas
  • Sign and device placement criteria
  • Transition Area
  • Taper types and usage criteria
  • Spacing of channelizing devices
  • Activity Area
  • Buffer spaces
  • Work space
  • Device location and placement
  • Termination Area
  • Temporary Traffic Control Installation and Removal
  • Flagging (requirements of §1599)
  • Qualifications for flaggers
  • High visibility clothing
  • Hand signaling devices and procedures
  • Flagging stations
  • Protecting Yourself and Your Company
  • Personal awareness
  • Doing a good job
  • Inspection of the Traffic Control Zone
  • Record keeping
  • Accident Investigation