Trenching and Shoring: Competent Person

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8 hours


The Trenching and Shoring course is designed to give supervisors, inspectors, site managers, and workers, the ability to identify existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings of an open trench. The student will learn of the working conditions that are hazardous and dangerous to those who enter open trenches.
In order to be a "Competent Person", one must have had specific training in, and be knowledgeable about; soils analysis, the use of protective systems, and the requirements of state and federal standards. Trench Safety will give this specific training. Students handouts will include our manual and the Cal/OSHA Guide for the Construction Industry.


  • Soil Classification
  • Participants are informed how to identify the three major soil types (A, B, & C) and the requirements for safe protective systems for excavating in each.
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • This portion of the course includes methods of conducting daily work site inspections of excavations, adjacent areas, and protective systems before beginning work and as needed throughout the shift.
  • Sloping and Benching
  • Timber Shoring for Trenches
  • Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring for Trenches
  • Confined Space Issues in Trenches