Hazardous Materials Incident Commander / Scene Management

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24 Hours


The Incident Commander / Scene Manager is the person responsible for all decisions relating to the management of the incident.

The purpose of the Hazardous Materials Incident Commander (IC) / Scene Manager (SM) safety course is to provide participants with an increased capability to assume the role of IC / SM during a hazardous materials event, emphasizing personnel safety and management.


  • Introduction to Hazardous Materials and the Incident Command / Scene Manager (IC/SM)
  • Hazardous Materials Recognition and Safety at the IC/SM Level
  • Safety, Isolation and Notifications
  • Agency Coordination
  • Pre-event and Event Specific Planning
  • Managing the Media and Hazardous Materials Events
  • Command and Scene Management
  • IDHA and Action Plans

Protective Equipment

  • Containment and Control Methods
  • Protective Action Options
  • Decontamination and Clean-up Considerations
  • Disposal and Funding Issues
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Toxicology
  • Safety and Isolation via Perimeters
  • Investigations
  • Managing a Hazardous Materials Event and Medical Response
  • Exercises
  • Legal Aspects and Liabilities


Training shall be based on the duties and functions to be performed by each responder in an emergency response organization. The skill and knowledge levels required for all responders shall be conveyed to them through training before they are permitted to take part in actual emergency operations on an incident. Employees who participate, or are expected to participate, in emergency response, shall be given training in accordance with 29CFR- 1910.120(q)(6)(iii) [CalOSHA is 8CCR§5192(q)(6)(C)].

Other Information

At the conclusion of this safety course the student may receive state certification for the Incident Commander / Scene Management course through the California Specialized Training Institute. There is an additional charge of $10.00 per student for the certificate.