Rubber Tire and Track Type Loader

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8 Hours


  • Module I: Module I: Regulations

    Classroom (4 hours): Walk around procedures steering of a four wheel drive loader, Building and Safety and Cal/OSHA regulations.

    Field Training (12 hours): Valve operations, steering, backing through an obstacle course.
  • Module II: Loading and Unloading

    Classroom (4 hours): Proper loading of a truck, DMV regulations regarding spilled loads, axle weight, loading from a pile of dirt, consolidation of a pile of dirt.

    Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Proper loading of trucks, proper way to work a pile.
  • Module III: Grading and Four in One Bucket

    Classroom (4 hours): Proper grading techniques, cutting, back dragging, four in one bucket, straight bucket.

    Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Rough grading to hubs, contour grading and leave as is.
  • Module IV: Hillside Work

    Classroom (4 hours): Inside hill and slope work.

    Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Sidehill sloping, loading a truck on a slope, making ramps.
  • Module V: Vaults and Basements

    Classroom (4 hours): Digging vaults and basements, keeping walls straight.

    Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Vault digging, keeping vertical walls and flat bottoms, excavating ramps, constructing wooden ramps.