Nims/Sems Course For Responder Personnel

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8 hours


This one day standardized course for all peace officer personnel statewide is customized to blend in all of the federal ODP requirements with existing California government Code sections mandating the use of SEMS/ICS. The course is designed to augment the skills and the deployment of peace officers with a standardized incident management system that will be utilized on all critical incidents involving terrorism or WMD in California. The course curriculum meets all of the current NIMS requirements (March 2004) as well as the specific curriculum required by California Government Code Section 8607 which requires agencies to use SEMS/ICS as an integrated tool for responding to critical incidents. The proposed course will meet both federal and state requirements.

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Target Audience

Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management Agency, Fire Service, Hazardous Material, Public Works, Governmental Administrative, Public Safety, Communications, Health Care, Public Health