Crane Operator Safety and Evaluation

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8-40 Hours


Crane operators should be trained in the operations, limitations, and emergency procedures for the equipment they operate. They should understand the load ratings and how to lift loads properly.

Basic course outline will include guidelines for safe operating procedures, operator inspection procedures and checklists, hand signals and function of the signal person, review of crane safety standards.

Crane Safety can be specifically tailored to your agency requirements, from an 8-hour awareness to a 40-hour site-specific course.



  • Fed-OSHA, ANSI, and Cal-OSHA rules and regulations
  • Causes of crane accidents and prevention
  • Crane components
  • Pre-operation inspection
  • Post-operation inspection
  • Operator manual
  • Capacity load charts
  • Crane configuration
  • Crane operation
  • Wire rope construction
  • Crane set-up and blocking
  • Work areas
  • Radius, boom angle, and boom length
  • Range diagram
  • Gross and net capacity
  • Hand signals
  • Working around power lines
  • Operator and rigger responsibilities
  • Rigging


  • Pre-operation inspection
  • Site conditions and obstructions
  • Crane set up
  • Operator controls
  • Erecting and stowing jibs and extensions
  • Blocks and balls
  • Lifting loads using the capacity load chart
  • Lift problems using the capacity load chart
  • Securing the crane
  • Post-operation inspection